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            Define It To Find It: 5 Steps To Physician Well-being 


Find the program that is a perfect fit for you.

Programs are uniquely designed for physicians who are:

  • Currently successful in their career and seeking to live a more balanced life
  • Approaching a plateau in your life and wondering what is the next step in personal growth and professional development
  • On the path to success who does not want to walk the road alone
  • Completing residency training and gearing up for that new position
  • Moving up to the next level of residency training and leadership
  • Venturing into internship, looking to balance the responsibilities of being the primary physician while still in learning mode.


Next 100 Days

100 Days Programs Tracks:

Resident Resilience

You are not in medical school any more.  Doctors learn what you need to rock your residency and ditch the overwhelm and struggle of trying to figure out how to show up confidently on rounds while being on the front line of the patient care team.

In this program you learn how to own your value so that your gifts and talents add to the team, how to work best with others while positioning yourself as a leader, yes a leader, even in your intern year, and still have room for a booming life.

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Career Confidence

You are excited about the next level in your career.  After years of formal education and training, it’s your time to shine.  Deep inside you have to admit that you do hear whispers of doubt and wonder if you can really do this.  Of course you can!! In this program you build on the foundation of the success you have already achieved while being open to new insights into your personal and professional growth.

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Reinvention Ready

You’ve been trying to silence that nagging voice that has been trying to tell you that there is life after medicine.  You’ve resisted because you have invested so many years in education and training, not to mention the financial investment.  Is it really possible for you? The calling is getting stronger and stronger. NOW is your time to answer the call.  You are ready.  The years of invaluable experience in medicine is fuel for this new endeavor.

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1-On-1 Private Coaching

Do you have this feeling that there really is something more for you in your life and career that is just beyond your reach, yet try as you might, you just keep spinning your wheels?  Do you see others gaining traction and wonder when will it be your turn?  Successful people have systems, strategies, and support in place to get inspired, create momentum, and stay focused until they realize the desired outcome.  It is possible for you.

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