Women in medicine are challenged with balancing the demands of their professional career with their personal life. This ongoing struggle contributes to stress, overwhelm, frustration, and even physician burn out.

There comes a time in life when we have to decide whether to stay overwhelmed and stressed or decide to allow more ease and flow to enter our lives. Redefining work-life balance means shifting from the standard definition that looks at it from a time perspective. Instead we can embrace a definition that looks at achieving balance from within.   Women physicians do want it all.  Many of us want that booming medical career while nurturing a family at home.  And we want it unapologetically.

So the question is, “Am I feeling in balance as I pursue my professional and my personal goals?”  Is the pursuit of these goals making me happy and connected to my purpose? Women physicians don’t want to give up one for the other.  We’re in search of the right mix that allows for continual growth, personally and professionally.

Take a few minutes today for your personal assessment.  As we move ahead in 2018 are the goals you set in alignment with achieving your inner balance? Or do they add more to your ‘To Do List’, stress, and overwhelm?

What needs to change to bring you into balance?