What fills your soul?

Dreams of a career in medicine are often fueled by a deep desire to positively impact people’s lives and make a difference in medicine.  But those dreams can easily be swept away by the rigors of medical school, the long hours of residency, and the competition in the workplace.  Thoughts of feeding your soul get buried among the demands of documentation and conversations about optimizing reimbursements.

Every now and then it is important to revisit your ‘why’. Why did you choose this profession? Rediscovering the answer provides the fuel to re-ignite the fire that was once blazing with hope and possibilities. The answer to that question propels you through the challenges, disappointments, and upset as you seek out solutions rather than focus on the problems.

As you explore your purpose and soul’s work, ask yourself if your ‘why’ is still true today.  Does it still move you towards achieving your goals despite the changing times in medicine?  Or is your soul calling you toward another path?