“Success leaves clues” In the recent weeks I have been thinking about that saying each day.  It influences how I make decisions.  In every decision there is a short term benefit and a long term pay off.  Success is determined by those long term rewards.  It requires a shift in thinking and sometimes foregoing a short term benefit in exchange for a long term reward.  It positions your mind to be an explorer, seeking opportunities when others see only obstacles.  It makes you a problem solver. These three strategies prime your mind to becoming a problem solver:

  1. Raise your energy level.  Problem solving does not occur in the midst of complaining.  Complaining begets more complaining and there are always more  people ready and willing to add fuel to that flame.  When things look grim, try shifting to the emotions of hope and optimism, and allow your mind to see alternative possibilities.
  2. Spend time in gratitude.  Gratitude makes room for the appreciation of what is working for you.  Being thankful should not be reserved for that Thursday in November.  Start a gratitude journal. Make a competition out of it, as you try to add one more additional item each day than you had listed the previous day.  Pretty soon you will see everything in your life as a blessing.
  3. Honor your gifts and talents.  When was the last time you truly paid attention to your self talk and mind chatter.  Not only are we our greatest critics, we actually believe what we say. After all it is what we listen to all day long.  We are taught that  it is impolite to brag about ourselves.  Start a long, long list of your assets.  Include everything.  Study the list everyday as if you are taking an exam on the content.  Reprogram your self talk so you are your greatest fan.

Taking off the blinders and appreciating your gifts and talents are the first steps to embracing your success and writing a story that has an inspiring ending.

Remember success leaves clues and you need 20/20 vision to see them, embrace them, leap into your next level of success.