Just because you are a medical professional doesn’t mean that you stop setting life and career goals. Manifesting your heart’s desires in 2018 begins with thoughts that will guide the steps you are willing to take. Do you believe so much in the outcome that you are willing to do whatever it takes?  Or, are you lukewarm about it and think that it would be nice if it happens one day? 

For years I had the same New Year’s Resolution, yet I couldn’t gain traction around it.  As a result there was little thought or action put forth and I didn’t achieve it.  It’s been years since I gave up making New Year’s Resolutions. 

I haven’t given up on myself.  I continue to learn and grow and experience life in new ways.  My heart’s desires haven’t changed. My approach to achieving them has been refined.  Rather than trying to harness the high celebratory energy that embodies the New Year, I allow myself the ease and flow of gently focusing on my dreams a little every day.  I look for the opportunities to move me forward. I say ‘Yes’ to aligning my thoughts with the actions to move me just a little closer to my desired result. 

Are your thoughts taking you toward your goals or moving you away from your target? 

Do you allow the distractions of patient care and healthcare concerns to derail your dreams and move you away from your personal and professional goals?