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Resources to Own Your Value, Recognize Your Strength, Balance Your Life

Own Your Value   The busy medical professional seldom has the time to reflect on successes and the steps it takes to achieve them.  Your value is made up of the accomplishments and experiences as well as the challenges in life that asked you to renew your commitment and decide to keep going.

3 Steps to Networking-   Networking is not just for business people.  You may have thought that all you had to do was graduate from medical school, get into the residency of your choice, pass the Board Exams and your career path was guaranteed.  The truth is that medicine is changing and you have to change with the times.  A great way to stay current is with a network of like-minded, up leveling people who support one another.  Effective networking takes strategy and planning. Begin your path to master networking with these 3 Steps.

Creating a life and career that honors you takes clarity, consistent action, and connection to who you are today and who you desire to be in the future.  The demands of patient care, managing your practice or unit, and being present for your family and loved ones can sometimes blur the lines.  These quick reference tips help bring your desires back into focus so you consistently move towards your goals.

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