From Stress And Struggle To Ease and Flow

 5 Pillars for Physician Well-being

Office Hours

Is Private Coaching for me?

Private Coaching is a commitment for the  physician, resident, or medical student who says Yes!

It is a process, not a quick fix.

Are You Ready?

You are ready if you actively participate in the creation process of your life.

You are open to self-exploration, healing, and adopting supportive daily practices.

You are not afraid of being stretched beyond your comfort zone and set new boundaries.

You are willing to dance in the space of being the student and approach life with a beginner’s mind.

You align your energy with ease and flow as you take the practical steps for your medical career.

You take action, receive feedback, course correct and maintain momentum in the process.

You yearn for a supportive environment.

Office Hours Program:

6 private 30-minute Coaching Calls over 3-month period

Email Support between the calls

Bonus Access to Energy Alignment Program