You are the leader of your life and career.  Yet many times it feels more like your career is leading you.  You take care of your patients, your staff, your family, and the other important things in your life. But when it comes to yourself, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.   So you put things off, until one day…. One day you will take that dream vacation.  One day it will be the right time to start your family.   One day you will get up the confidence and courage to say Yes to your life. The question is, “when will one day come?”

That’s when having a team who buys-in to your mission is one of the keys to the successfully achieving your goals. With trusted people in place, your ‘one day’ can start today.  That’s right.  Today you can begin to put in place the people, the places, and the opportunities to achieve what you have been putting off for weeks, months, and even years.

Please allow me to share my story. I spent most of my life focused on my medical career.  It defined my very being.  I dedicated my life to learning and studying and perfecting my skill set.  If a shift was open I’d sign up because, after all, the extra money would benefit my family.  Life continued that way until a defining moment showed me that my career was leading my life and not the other way around.   It was the wakeup call I needed to get back on the path of being the leader in my life.  Now I make choices that align with my life’s mission statement and goals.

How did I do this?  I recognized that to create the life I want I needed assistance from others.  I learned how to leverage the power and strength of teamwork.  Little by little I began to shift some of the household responsibilities to my family.  I redefined what success means to me, encompassing all aspects of my life, not just my career.  From that new vantage point I created a new and inspiring mission statement to live by.

Next I understood the importance of surrounding myself with the resources to support my new mission statement.  I carefully identified the exact right people to support me.  I figured out whom to go to when I need a dose of inspiration.  I reach out to a different member of the team when I need to brainstorm ideas.  And I lean on another team member when obstacles show up and I want a different perspective.

In this month’s Mastery In Medicine Monthly Tip and Progress Notes we focus on the 5 Steps to Leadership Success.  In previous articles we looked at the importance of living on purpose from your mission statement.  The mission statement becomes your guiding light, your true north.  It tells you if you are heading in the direction of your dreams or moving in the opposite direction.  In another article we explored the three ways that teams add to success through brainstorming, implementation, and inspiration. Once you’ve assembled the people and resources to support your mission statement now you can assign the roles.  Consider the brilliance and expertise of your team members and how to best leverage their strengths.  This becomes a win for everyone as your team members confidence soars.

Questions to consider as you assign the roles on the team

  1. Who will best serve you when you need inspiration?
  2. Who is great at handling problems and obstacles?
  3. Who has great time management skills and knows how to break a big project into its bite size pieces?
  4. Who is great at prioritization?
  5. Who has a different skill set and a level of expertise that will be an asset to your mission statement?

These questions will help you create the shifts you need as you move to your next level of success. Now you can focus on possibilities without feeling overwhelmed!!

About Dr. Stephanie Wellington

Dr. Stephanie Wellington is a coach and mentor for physicians and their teams who know they want more from their life and career.  Her passion for teaching and personal development has guided her to compliment her medical career with becoming a certified professional coach. This has given birth to Nurturing MDs, a sacred space where medical professionals embrace life skills and success strategies for a medical career and life they love. Get Instant Access to FREE Mastery In Medicine Monthly Tips and Progress Notes at Email to schedule a FREE consultation to discover which strategies are best for you.