I recently went to see the movie Hidden Figures and found treasures hidden in the movie.  Some people will watch it from the historical perspective.  Others will enjoy the movie as entertainment.  I left the theater feeling inspired, motivated, and encouraged about all of life’s possibilities.

Let me share with you what I found powerful about the movie and if you’ve seen it, you can share your comments as well.

  1. The power of the vision. At that time, putting a man into space was something that had not been accomplished by the United States. It was only a vision.   Achieving the vision required the best minds to stretch themselves even further.  It required asking different questions and seeking input from many sources.  It even required putting aside prejudices.
  2. The power of the team. Achieving the vision of putting a man into space was much more than a one person job.  It took a team of people bringing their unique knowledge, skills, gifts, and talents together for the vision.  The movie highlighted the contributions of three Black women to the space mission.  For the team to succeed, people had to learn to respect one another at a time when Black people were not treated as equal.  The space mission benefitted from their direct and indirect contributions to the team.
  3. The power of the willingness to learn. Each of the women featured  in the movie possessed a willingness to grow, to learn more, and to become more.  They defied society’s perceptions of what a person of color and a women could accomplish.  They were committed to advancing themselves. They possessed a love of learning and supported one another in the pursuit of higher education.

How does this relate to building a life and career that you love?

Every now and then it is beneficial to take time to assess where you are on life’s journey in pursuit of your career and life’s dreams.

What is your vision? 

How is it changing and shifting as you find your way in your chosen field?

Are the choices you make in alignment with your goals?

Do you have a team?

Are the right people on your team?   How do you know?

Do they believe in the vision?

What do you need to learn?

Who are your teachers?

After years of formal education, training, and experience we may be reluctant to embark on learning something new.  Life is a journey of learning and when it is aligned with the vision it adds value to ourselves, the team, our patients, and the people we serve.