Have you noticed that we often follow one prescription to create massive success in our professional life, yet when it comes to our personal life we often live by default?  Rather than making the decision to create what we want, we move through our day and see what shows up.  Instead of setting our own course, we allow others to influence us.

This month’s Mastery In Medicine tip is 5 Steps to Leadership Success.

The truth is we are leaders.  As leaders we can apply success strategies to set a new course.  When I work with clients on creating a medical career and life they love, we use strategies with a proven track record of success in one area of their life to create the shifts needed for success in other areas of their life.

This month’s tip lays the foundation of creating a mission statement as a focal point for setting goals and taking action.  Successful businesses and professionals put systems in place to ensure repeated success.   Here’s the opportunity to do the same for your life and career.

5 Steps to Leadership Success highlighted on the monthly tip sheet are:

  1. Communicate the Mission Statement
  2. Team Buy-In
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Feedback
  5. Course Correction

This is the FOCUS for the month.  As you go through your life and career, become aware of the areas where a system such as this one would serve you well.  Then ask yourself, “Are you ready to make the commitment?”

Remember for lasting changes to occur you’ve got to focus and commit.

Where else have you let life get in the way of your desired success and happiness?

Step 1. Communicate The Mission Statement.

You may be saying, “But I don’t have a mission statement.  That’s for big companies, not for me.”  A mission statement is merely a declaration of what you want to accomplish.  Your mission statement becomes your guide. It will keep you on track and remind you of your destination.

Remember back to your new employee orientation?   The hospital representative clearly communicated the mission statement for the hospital.  You may see signs posted in the halls, in elevators, and on the hospital computer system that serve as a reminder of the mission and goals of the organization.

While larger organizations have long detailed mission statements, you can start with a few passion driven words put into a few sentences that inspire, motivate, and remind you of your “BIG WHY” when the hours are long, the admissions seem never ending, and the time between seeing your family seems so far away.

Steps to creating your mission statement:

  •        Find a quiet place where you can relax.
  •        Focus on your passion and purpose.
  •        What are the values that you want to see reflected in your life and career?
  •        What are the benefits that will be expressed through the work you do?
  •        How will you execute these benefits and qualities?

Write down what comes to mind.  You’ll probably want to repeat this process more than once to clearly define and refine your mission statement.

You will know you have created your mission statement when the words on the page resonate with you, make you smile, and fill your heart with joy.  You now have a new direction.

About Dr. Stephanie Wellington

Dr. Stephanie Wellington is a coach and mentor for physicians who know they want more from their life and career.  Her passion for teaching and personal development has guided her to compliment her medical career with becoming a certified professional coach. This has given birth to Nurturing MDs, a sacred space where medical professionals embrace life skills and success strategies for a medical career and life they love. Get Instant Access to FREE Mastery In Medicine Monthly Tips and Progress Notes at www.NurturingMDS.com. Email Stephanie@NurturingMDS.com to schedule a FREE consultation to discover which strategies are best for you.