The pandemic is teaching us that to have a life and medical career of peace, joy, and happiness doesn’t happen by chance. It requires deliberate focus and purposeful action.

As the pandemic surges, it’s easier to get distracted by the increasing number of cases, the debate over wearing masks and social distancing, and the arrival of a vaccine than it is to stay optimistic about the future in medicine.

The pandemic challenges the image of the steadfast physician willing to work endless hours without rest or restoration. It has opened the floodgates of tears physicians have held back, having not mourned patients lost throughout their careers. Everyone is vulnerable, even the physician. He or she cannot walk this journey alone.

What’s a physician to do?

How do we practice medicine in the face of fear, our own and that of our patients, in a culture that in the past has not allowed physicians full expression of their feelings?

What do physicians do with the stress and overwhelm that may accompany each patient encounter?

How do we care for ourselves in the face of being physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted?

An answer can be found in faith.

In the midst of the pandemic or any challenge turning fear into faith is the first step to reclaim peace.

Faith is acknowledging there is a greater power that wants the best for you. It is the knowledge that in the midst of the storm there is an opportunity to grow and gain a deeper understanding about yourself and life. It is realizing that support, like you may have never experienced before, is there when you seek it.

Connecting to your faith on this journey begins with:

Step 1: Identify what makes the work you do meaningful.

Step 2: Connect to the positive energy of the work you do.

Step 3: Commit 3-5 minutes to connect to this energy as a daily practice.

Step 4: Celebrate yourself for doing it on most days.

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