From Stress And Struggle To Ease and Flow

 5 Pillars for Physician Well-being

Infusing New Energy With The Practical Steps For Your Medical Career

Physicians today juggle many roles. You have the responsibility of:

  • Delivering medical care to patients that is up-to-date and evidence-based.
  • Managing teams in the office, clinics, on the floors, or in intensive care settings.
  • Navigating new technologies such as EMR with the demand for timely documentation.
  • Educating and teaching residents, medical students, and other team members.
  • Integrating administrative duties with patient care.

That’s your career.

You juggle even more when it comes to your family and life at home.

It’s little wonder that a being a physician is less coveted than it once was.

It’s a new era. We acknowledge the stress, overwhelm, disconnection, dissatisfaction and burnout that physicians face. We have conversations about:

  • Physician Well-being
  • Job Satisfaction and
  • Prioritizing Life

While it is empowering to have this global conversation,

What Does It Really Mean For You?

As I meet physicians at conferences, online, and in the workplace it is clear that while we talk of creating a life and career that we love, there are  steps many physicians have yet to be explore.  In your busy life you’ve clearly connected with what you don’t want. Have you taken the time and energy to define what you truly desire?   Physician clients who work with Dr. Stephanie Wellington, coach and mentor,  are creating a new reality.

Clients shift their energy from:

  • Stressed and overwhelmed to calm and peace which enhances their clinical skills and interactions with patients.
  • Looking for answers and direction from others to truly discovering their own right path and make decisions that are best for them.
  • Feeling victimized and blaming others to feeling empowered and embrace the opportunity to create the life and career they desire.

My intention for you is to discover the path to ease and flow in your career and life.  Purposefully blending life skills and strategies and your knowledge and achievements with the right energy creates the shift needed for a life and career that speaks to your soul.

Think of what’s possible!

Action, Faith, and Perseverance

”Dr. Wellington helped me realize that it takes much more than dream to achieve success.  It takes action, faith, and perseverance.  She has helped me to become goal oriented and is responsible for a lot of my recent success.  She is an excellent mentor, from whom anyone can learn.”

                                                                                                    -Westchester, New York

Profound and Transformative

“I experienced multiple a-ha moments.  It was so simple yet profound and transformative.  I already see short and long term benefits of participating in this program.  I can confidently say that anyone with dreams and goals should attend.  If you are ready to embrace the next step on your journey, this program is a must.                                                           

                                                                                                    -Brooklyn, New York

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