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As a physician you wear the hat of caretaker, educator, leader, manager, facilitator—and that’s just in medicine.  When you consider all you do for your family and friends, it’s easy to see how overwhelming it can become.  Maybe you receive advice from well-meaning family, friends, and peers who do not fully grasp everything that’s on your plate. Or maybe you try going it alone, not wanting others to know that sometimes you need support. And sometimes you feel that all your efforts go unappreciated, especially in these uncertain times in medicine.

My intention for you is to find more ease and flow in your career and life.  Purposefully blending life skills and success strategies with your knowledge and achievements to create a clear life plan positions you to achieve just that.  Think of what’s possible!

Action, Faith, and Perseverance

”Dr. Wellington helped me realize that it takes much more than dream to achieve success.  It takes action, faith, and perseverance.  She has helped me to become goal oriented and is responsible for a lot of my recent success.  She is an excellent mentor, from whom anyone can learn.”

                                                                                                    -Westchester, New York

Profound and Transformative

“I experienced multiple a-ha moments.  It was so simple yet profound and transformative.  I already see short and long term benefits of participating in this program.  I can confidently say that anyone with dreams and goals should attend.  If you are ready to embrace the next step on your journey, this program is a must.                                                           

                                                                                                    -Brooklyn, New York

The Person Behind The Stethoscope

At this place again.  Place: Neonatal ICU. Time: 3 AM.  Location:  Bedside of a sick preterm female.  She is intubated and on the ventilator.  Antibiotics course through her veins. Blood transfusions, IV fluids, and vasopressors support her in the fight of her life. ...

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5 Signs A Physician Is Facing A Crisis In Confidence

There are emerging reports that the confidence and enthusiasm you possessed when you ventured into a career in medicine begins to diminish as early as medical school.  The structure of always competing for the best grades on exams, so that you can match with that...

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